[Mailman-Users] Automatic subscription based on e-mail subject

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 31 12:42:10 EST 2019

Hello R. Diez via Mailman-Users. On Thu, 31 Jan 2019 11:11:48 +0100, you wrote:

> I have the following recurring problem with mailing lists all over 
> the Internet: people do reply to my posts, by they do not address or 
> copy me in their replies. They send their e-mails only to the mailing 
> list. Or they reply to the previous reply, and forget to copy the 
> original poster.

If I post a question to a list, I am also a subscriber to the list and I get replies to my question that way. 
> So I do not get a copy of the relevant messages straight away.

A mailing list may have a web archive, but the standard thing is that the conversation goes via e-mail. 

> I cannot subscribe to every mailing list I need to occasionally use. 
> It's far too much. This e-mail is the perfect example of such a 
> come-ask-and-go-again scenario.

So, to post to _this_ list, you had to subscribe to it. You may remain a subscriber until your question is answered. Where is the problem? 

> If I need to subscribe in order to post a question, I turn off mail 
> delivery straight away.


> Other forum software has a nice feature for this scenario: If I post 
> to a subject, I am automatically subscribed to that subject. I then 
> get an e-mail for any new posts with the same subject.

I think you are talking here about a web forum, where you can "subscribe" to information posted to a certain thread. I never saw this in a real mailing list. 

I Cc: this reply to you to make sure you see it - but I won’t do this for every message I write to any mailing list normally. 


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