[Mailman-Users] Need assistance configuring Mailman version 2.1.15 on RHEL7

Jim Ziobro list at ziobro.rochester.ny.us
Fri Jul 19 03:45:13 EDT 2019

On 7/16/2019 8:24 AM, Mr. Vishal Gandhi wrote:
> We installed Mailman version 2.1.15 on RHEL7 using yum. We don't want mailing lists' email addresses with the same domain as the server has. For example: server is example1.fdu.edu . We would like to have email addresses of the mailing lists to end with @fdu.edu so that someone sends email tolist1 at fdu.edu  and the subscribers of the the mailing list list1 will receive it. Can some one please provide us some guidance on how can we accomplish this?
> We'll appreciate any help or guidance we may receive.

An important consideration is whether you want to let your Mailman 
system create an arbitrary mailing list.  For example would your mail 
admin allow the Mailman system create a list named: vgandhi at fdu.edu?

The easiest solution is to create mailing lists in a separate name space 
(domain).  The common practice is to create lists under lists.fdu.edu.  
Then Mm-handler is the easy solution.  You can ignore all the troubles 
with generating aliases files.  If your mail admin really wants the list 
to appear in fdu.edu they can add the aliases under fdu.edu.  Mm-handler 
is shown for sendmail but it will work in any mailer.

My updates to mm-handler are on: http://sw.ziobro.info/mm-handler/

Jim Ziobro

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