[Mailman-Users] Uncaught runner exception

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 8 14:21:47 EST 2019

On 3/8/19 8:17 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 3/8/19 12:05 AM, Lothar Schilling wrote:
>> Am 07.03.2019 um 23:54 schrieb Mark Sapiro:
>>> I would still like to find the underlying issue. I have been unable to
>>> duplicate it locally. I would appreciate it if before you run
>>> bin/unshunt, you could copy a few of the .pck files aside and send them
>>> to me off-list.
>> Will send some .pck files to your private address. Some may hold content
>> which is not meant to be publicly available, they are for your eyes only :-)
> Thank you. I will treat them confidentially.

I have set up a test wherein I symlinked the qfiles path from the
metadata in the shunted .pck files to the qfiles directory in the test
installation, created the 5 lists that the shunted messages were
destined to with preferred language = German and unshunted the 5 messages.

The test Mailman is the head of the
https://code.launchpad.net/~mailman-coders/mailman/2.1 branch, but this
differs from the 2.1.29 release in minor ways, none of which have to do
with archiving.

Each of the unshunted messages was properly archived with no exceptions
being thrown and qfiles/shunt/ was empty after unshunting.

I then removed the 5 lists and started over, this time with


which is the only setting I see offhand that might affect this, but the
result was the same, no error.

Also, I note that some of the shunted messages had no non-ascii in From:

I don't know what's going on in your installation, but I can't duplicate
the issue. It may have something to do with list configuration or your
German message catalog or templates if you have any changes in that area
(i.e. any templates/site/de/* templates/HOST_NAME/de/* or
templates/lists/LIST_NAME/de/* files not properly encoded as
iso-8859-1). It could also be something in the
archives/private/LIST_NAME/database/* files, although this would
probably only affect the period in which you upgraded.

In order to go any further with this, I'd need to see complete error and
traceback information from Mailman's error log for the recently shunted

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