[Mailman-Users] Delivery errors and spam grading

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 18 22:19:57 EDT 2019

On 3/18/19 6:44 PM, Jim Dory wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 4:39 AM Stephen J. Turnbull <
> turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp> wrote:
>>   (You probably should
>> also disable the Digestable option in [Digest options]
> I'm also receiving several bounces back for errors such as:
>  "SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
>     554 Failed: Malformed MIME field: X-Ham-Report:"

Does your outgoing MTA add an X-Ham-Report: header? Perhaps it does so
in a non-compliant way.

> Or:
>  "SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
>     554 5.7.1 [P4] Message blocked due to spam content in the message."

This one you can't do much about. The recipient thinks it's spammy, but
you'll never know why without a lot of trial and error.

If your problems are mostly with digests, you can subscribe yourself (at
alternate addresses) to both MIME and plain digests and then when you're
looking at a bounce, at least you'll have your copy of the message that
was sent for analysis.

> Mostly associated with the digest. Curious about the statement  above from
> Steve: is disabling the digest option something people do regularly to
> prevent issues like this? and if so - if I were to disable it now, what
> happens to those members who are using that option? I assume they just
> start automatically receiving non-digest messages, but figured I should ask.

Good thing you asked, although if you set digestable to No, at that
point and on every web admin access after you will get a big, bold

Warning: You have digest members, but digests are turned off. Those
people will not receive mail. Affected member(s) [list of digest members]

You will need to set those members to non-digest either manually or via
a script like <https://www.msapiro.net/scripts/set_nodigest.py>
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