[Mailman-Users] Delivery errors and spam grading

Jim Dory james at dorydesign.com
Tue Mar 19 02:48:25 EDT 2019

On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 6:19 PM Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> Does your outgoing MTA add an X-Ham-Report: header? Perhaps it does so
> in a non-compliant way.
> > is disabling the digest option something people do regularly to
> > prevent issues like this? and if so - if I were to disable it now, what
> > happens to those members who are using that option?
> Good thing you asked, although if you set digestable to No, at that
> point and on every web admin access after you will get a big, bold
> Warning: You have digest members, but digests are turned off. Those
> people will not receive mail. Affected member(s) [list of digest members]
> You will need to set those members to non-digest either manually or via
> a script like <https://www.msapiro.net/scripts/set_nodigest.py>
> --
Thanks very much Mark and Barry. I'll look into the errors further on my
own. Don't know that much about this stuff.. I'm on a VPS with root
access.. it uses Exim and Apache SpamAssassin. I can log in via WHM or
CPanel. So I'll poke around. Things were pretty quiet for awhile, but our
VPS was just migrated to another server by our host, so I think a few
things may have gotten changed.

As for disabling Digest, I have a fair number of users that would probably
be upset. Just tonight at a social event in town, one user mentioned our
mailing list (comparing it to a local facebook group) saying how he enjoyed
having the digest so it didn't ping his phone for every message rolling in.
(Some of us know how to filter that, but most users may not). So I probably
will not disable it.


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