[Mailman-Users] Transactional email services with Mailman

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I am looking at using a transactional email service with Mailman as I am
having issues with outbound email to specific domains (mainly gmail) being
blocked and I don't send enough email out (around 2000-3000 a day) to get
good scores.

I remember we discussed this a few years ago but wanted to know current
opinions on this.  A lot of these change envelope info to get bounces pushed
through their systems so they can let the system know to stop sending emails
to the specific address, but I don't think these play nicely with Mailman.

Any recommendations?

Hi Andrew,

Have you consider using a hosting mailman service such as the one we
provide? We host most of our lists on shared servers (mailman only). All of
our shared mailman servers enjoy great IP reputations and high delivery

You can learn more at:


Have a great day!

Brian Carpenter
brian at emwd.com

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