[Mailman-Users] FetchMail feed into Mailman

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Tue Mar 26 17:12:54 EDT 2019

On 3/26/19 12:36 AM, Jim Ziobro wrote:
> why not setup standard Mailman under your favorite mail system and let 
> FetchMail do what it does best?

The unneeded complexity of a local mail system.

FetchMail & SMTP Auth would work against an ISP's email server over 
dynamic / dial up connections.

Sure, FetchMail can pull email from the ISP and inject it into the local 
server.  But what advantage does that gain you?  Is said advantage worth 
the complexity?

Especially if the ISP aliases testlist & testlist-* into one mailbox.

Grant. . . .
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