[Mailman-Users] Auto-discard emails

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Wed May 1 12:11:46 EDT 2019

Steven D'Aprano writes:

Mark's already answered, but I had a couple of minor points to add.

 > I run an announcement-only mailing list which has become the target of a 
 > lot of spam, so I've set unsubscribed emails to be immediately 
 > discarded. 99% of the discarded emails are spam, but unfortunately there 
 > is a very small number of ham emails that get sent to the list by 
 > non-members, which I need to be made aware of so I can contact them 
 > off-list.

I assume that the auto-discard policy is mentioned in the list
information, but if not, you should consider adding it.

 > So I have turned on the option for discard messages to go to the 
 > list-admin (me), and I get sent the "Auto-discard notification" messages 
 > which includes enough information for me to tell at a glance whether I 
 > need to contect the sender. Great!

Yup.  I believe there's an option for those to be batched once a day.

The only thing I could imagine that might be better would be to
integrate this with DMARC reporting, but Mailman 2 doesn't provide a
querying facility, so that's quite hard to do.  Mailman 3 does allow
querying through the REST API, so it should be fairly
straightforward.  Note to self: Maybe an idea for next year's GSoC.


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