[Mailman-Users] Why are mails not being sent to all users (mails seem to disappear)?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu May 9 08:31:19 EDT 2019

On 5/9/19 3:49 AM, Till Dörges wrote:
> /var/lib/mailman/logs/smtp gives me a log entry with the original messages and claims
> to have sent it to 416 recips (which is correct).

I assume there's nothing in /var/lib/mailman/logs/smtp-failure since if
there were, these would also be recorded as bounces.

> But overall I'm only able to find roughly half in either /var/log/mail or
> /var/lib/mailman/logs/*.
> Why are not all 416 addresses listed in /var/log/mail, assuming that mailman handed
> 416 mails to postfix?

Mailman did complete SMTP to Postfix for all 416 recipients. The
/var/lib/mailman/logs/smtp log entry verifies that.  What happened after
that is a Postfix question.

> Do I have any chance of finding out what happened to the mails to the addresses which
> don't appear in any of the log files?

I don't think this should happen without Postfix logging something, but
if I have to guess, I'd guess you are not VERPing delivery to Postfix
and the list is not personalized so Mailman is delivering to Postfix in
transactions with up to SMTP_MAX_RCPTS (default 500) per transaction and
Postfix's smtpd_recipient_limit is less.

I suggest you set SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 10 or 20 in mm_cfg.py or better set
VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL = 1 to enable VERP on all deliveries.

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