[Mailman-Users] Training Mailman to find email address from NDR

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Wed May 15 12:49:25 EDT 2019

Grant Taylor wrote:

>On 5/15/19 7:45 AM, Andrew Hodgson wrote:

>> Here is the bounce message, I know I can enable VERP and this problem
>> should go away, but I wanted to see if I could get this working without
>> VERP as we have a large mail traffic on the list.

>Did you redact anything significant from the bounce?

I changed the email address of the recipient to redacted at yahoo.com (original recipient was in there), and removed the whole digest message.

>I don't see the expected boundary="66728b7fa14ce3ed" parameter to the
>Content-Type: header.

I noticed that as well after I sent the original message.

>I'm also surprised that the Content-Type: is text/plain and not

Ok I will relay this onto them.

>I don't know enough about Mailman's bounce processing to know if it will
>find and process the message/delivery-status or not.  I also question
>what Mailman would do with a temporary failure, 4.7.0.

I don't care at this stage what Mailman would do with the error, I just want it to be attributed to the correct address.

>It looks like Yahoo TempFailed the message because they don't like
>SendGrid for one reason or another.

Yep, pritty poor actually.  My IP has better delivery rates than these shared IPs Sendgrid use.

Thanks for some pointers anyway,

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