[Mailman-Users] Easy question for this crowd

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Thu May 30 19:03:19 EDT 2019

At Thu, 30 May 2019 11:57:44 -0400 Chip Davis <chip at aresti.com> wrote:

> I've supported a dozen Mailman listservers for over a dozen years. 
> This doesn't represent much real effort most of the time.  I've had to 
> block specific users often and specific domains rarely, but this is 
> the first time I've had to block an entire TLD.
> Recently I've been gifted with an inordinate amount of UCE from many 
> different domains under the '.icu' TLD.
> Since Python RE's are _almost_ the same as the UNIX RE's I used many 
> years ago, if I put
> ^@.*\.icu$
> in discard_these_nonmembers, will it block all domains in that TLD?


> And not block anyone else?


I've done this, and then I took things a step further:

What *I* have done (because I can), is configure rejection of both domains AND
cidrs at the Postfix level, putting REJECT's in both /etc/postfix/access and
/etc/postfix/cidr.clients. (I use *REJECT* for a reason: I figure if these
idiots are going to make trouble for me, I'll make trouble for them -- eg now
they will will get reject messages. Also when the addresses are from legit
mail servers, the admins there will get a wake up call and presumably do
something -- I have discovered that there is really little point in sending
anything to the [so-called] 'abuse' addresses.) 

I've also configured mimedefang and spamassassin to *reject* spam at the 
Postfix as well.  Very little gets though now.

> Thanks, 
> -Chip Davis- 
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> linux 2.6.32-696.18.7.el6.x86_64 
> cPanel 80.0.10 
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