[Mailman-Users] OutgoingRunner processes hanging

Kevin Bowen kevin.t.bowen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 19:05:27 EST 2019

Occasionally my mailman instance (2.1.9) gets into a weird state where one
or more of its OutgoingRunner processes appears to hang (usually on a large
email with a large number of recipients), causing a backlog of all other
mail on that process's "shard" (or whatever the terminology is for how
mailman divides up mail between runners based on hash). When it gets into
this state, doing a mailman restart doesn't manage to successfully kill the
"hung" process - it stays around after the restart (along with the
mailmanctl instance that started it). Doing a tcpdump on the process
usually shows that it's still sending data, but at a trickle (or sometimes
not). Any ideas what could cause this, or how to resolve it?

Kevin Bowen
kevin.t.bowen at gmail.com <kevin at ucsd.edu>

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