[Mailman-Users] Munge-from "From:" addresses and address auto-complete

Dan Halbert halbert at halwitz.org
Thu Nov 14 18:36:33 EST 2019

We have a number of Mailman V2 lists with "Munge-from" turned on, due to 
DMARC issues at receiving mail systems. This rewrites the From: 
addresses to something like:

     From: Dan Halbert via SOME-LIST <SOME-LIST at example.org>

The problem is some email clients (I'm not sure which ones) pick up 
these "From:" addresses and add them automatically to the user's address 
book. Then, when the user wants to send a private (not list) message to 
some person on the mailing list, they start typing the person's name, 
and the email client may autocomplete with the list address, not the 
person's address. If the sender doesn't check the address carefully, 
they may send to the list inadvertently. This has led to several mildly 
embarrassing private messages being sent to a list.

Is there some configuration I can set up that can alter these "From:" 
addresses to avoid putting the person's name first, but still including 
it? Or is there some other way to ameliorate this problem? We could 
choose something other than "Munge-from", but we do not want to lose the 
identity of the sender, which is worse.

We are using a third-party provider and have no direct control over the 
formatting of the rewritten "From:" header; I would change the Mailman 
code directly if I could.


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