[Mailman-Users] [EXTERNAL] Re: LDAP routing

Zinski, Steve szinski at richmond.edu
Fri Nov 15 14:12:50 EST 2019

We're actually migrating to Proofpoint (no more sendmail). Proofpoint will use our LDAP server for routing mail, so I'm trying to determine the best way to represent our mailman aliases in LDAP.

On 11/15/19, 2:03 PM, "Mailman-Users on behalf of Grant Taylor via Mailman-Users" <mailman-users-bounces+szinski=richmond.edu at python.org on behalf of mailman-users at python.org> wrote:

    On 11/14/19 11:31 AM, Zinski, Steve wrote:
    > We are migrating from sendmail (virtuser) mail routing 
    > to LDAP routing. Setting up routing for users is pretty 
    > straightforward using the inetLocalMailRecipient class and 
    > the mail/mailLocalAddress/mailRoutingAddress attributes. But I was 
    > wondering what would be the best (correct) way to represent the mailman 
    > alias addresses in LDAP (i.e., list-admin, list-bounces, list-confirm, 
    > etc.). Would each get its own entry in LDAP or is there a better way? Any 
    > help would be appreciated.
    Are your mailing lists mixed in a dedicated (sub)domain name?  Or are 
    they mixed in with other non-mailing list addresses?
    The former probably doesn't need much other than something akin to a 
    mailertable entry.  (Is that also migrating to LDAP?)  If it's the 
    former, you're going to need /something/ to cause Sendmail to recognize 
    the mailing list addresses.  This probably means that you're going to 
    need LDAP entries.
    Grant. . . .
    unix || die

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