[Mailman-Users] Massive amounts of bounces after setting munge_from for dmarc compliance

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Thu Nov 21 04:40:03 EST 2019

Mark Sapiro writes:
 > > I also found this post where this guy says you need to remove the
 > > DKIM headers:
 > > https://blog.dogan.ch/2016/11/24/making-mailman-dmarc-compatible/

 > It says that, but gives no reason or rationale for doing so.

I know several mail admins (small-scale, not any of the big freemail
providers!) who have spam filters set to give spam points when
signature verification or SPF fail, in outright nonconformance to the
RFCs.  if you have subscribers at such sites, the "remove broken
signatures and Authentication-Results, then add your own" procedure
can be useful.

OTOH, I've had occasional cases (not even one a year) where it was
useful to reconstruct originals (ie, by stripping forwarding
decorations) and DKIM verify.  (People wanting to claim they didn't
send abusive mail. :-( )


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