[Mailman-Users] Mailman 3 Ready?

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Mon Nov 25 01:15:13 EST 2019

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Allan Hansen writes:

 > I need to upgrade from Mailman 2.1 - my hardware needs upgrading
 > (badly) and the address mangling is having my subscribers rip their
 > hair out.

That's not going to go away.  We have ARC support in Mailman 3, but
(a) like most envelope manipulation, that should be done in boundary
MTAs, not in Mailman, and (b) ARC implementation is not universal.
*Very likely* some of your subscribers are going to lose mail if you
depend on ARC, rather than munge from.

 > I need to get this done before they start on my already thinning
 > hair!

I sympathize.  I tell the little kids I meet that my hair grows out of
the bottom of my face, not the top (it's very alliterative in
Japanese[1], the kids frequently don't get it but the accompanying adults
usually laugh).

 > I’m ready and eager to move on to MM3 on a Linux box.

The obvious "turn-key" installation is to use the Docker containers,
which Abhilash keeps fairly up-to-date.  But see comment below about
universal working solutions.

Which distro do you have?  Are you using the distro's packages of
Mailman 3 (not yet a good idea, unfortunately), or installing from

 > I have looked into it a few times now and I keep running into the
 > same blocks. I don't see much moving either. I was hoping someone
 > (Mailman developing community) would come up with a better working
 > solution.

It's email.  There are no universal working solutions.

 > [Some third party wrote:] My concern is that the Mailman3 is not
 > ready. There are too many dead ends and undocumented stuff.

Who is this guy and has he consulted us?  I'd like to do an archive
search if he's done so to see what the issues are.

 > For Mailman2 I have a working integration with iRedMail, that does
 > not seem to work with 3.

What's iRedMail?  How does it fit into the community your lists serve?

 > So, is MM3 ready for the big screen?

Works for us, for values of us including python.org.

 > If so, is there some way/how/where/when that my friend can get help
 > helping me with the installation other than the published
 > installation docs, which did not work for us?

mailman-users at mailman3.org is the Mailman 3 version of this list.  If
your friend is the type to get his hands dirty with code, and has the
time for development activity, mailman-developers at python.org would
also be useful.

You might be better off getting bids from consultants.  There's a page
listing them on wiki.list.org.

 > I have looked for both free and commercial alternatives to MM,

There are sites that support MM commercially.  I think the prices are
reasonable, of course YMMV on that.  Again, there's a page for those
services on wiki.list.org.

[1]  "hage dakara hige o" -- the vowels are pronounced as Spanish or
Italian, the consonants as in English.

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