[Mailman-Users] Mail receipt not working for multiple list members

jannik.petersen at posteo.de jannik.petersen at posteo.de
Tue Oct 1 09:21:36 EDT 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,


Multiple members of our cluster-strategy at ndc-cluster.net
<mailto:cluster-strategy at ndc-cluster.net>  mailing list have reported that
they did not receive several emails sent to this list. Un- and resubscribing
them did not solve the problem and neither did trying out the multiple
options listed in the FAQ. What I did do just now is to disable automatic
bounce processing. Could that be somehow related to the problem? Are there
any common issues you have encountered that I may not know about and other
options that I could try out to solve this problem? 


Thank you very much in advance for any assistance in this matter. It is
greatly appreciated.



Jannik Petersen 


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