[Mailman-Users] No archive files but 2 lists taking up 50MB in cPanel?

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Fri Oct 4 02:47:08 EDT 2019

Tom Corcoran writes:

 > *But*, the mystery for me is if archives are turned off how are the
 > attachments saved. Is there another setting? If not, surely one
 > should be added so this unnecessary support request is not needed?

Mailman has a facility for saving attachments so that (1) space usage
on multiuser systems can be reduced and (2) users have to take
explicit action to retrieve "dangerous" file types (.exe, for
example).  This feature is controlled by the "Nondigest options" ->
"Scrub Nondigest" option.  (I don't know how this affects digests; I
suppose it controls them too but this is undocumented AFAICS.)

If you want them discarded "with extreme prejudice", then I believe
this option should be set to "No" (which is counterintuitive, I guess)
and use the "Content Filtering" options to either remove and discard
content types you don't want, or pass only those types you do want,
and discard the rest.


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