[Mailman-Users] mailman not functional

Steven Jones steven.jones at vuw.ac.nz
Thu Oct 17 16:41:59 EDT 2019


Yesterday we had a major network outage that lasted 2 hours+  This morning I find that the mailman server has "stopped working"   I have restarted mailman and now the server but mailman is not processing any emails.  The load in top is 0.00 ~0.01 sort of thing, no no disk i/o, no action at all, disks are not full. ssh takes a long time to login but there is no load to cause this. I can see python is running in top but at like 0.3%.

I run mail   me at work and postfix sends fast  so postfix seems OK, its like Mailman is in a coma, its has chocked to death but its heart is still beating....just seems odd.

What can I do here?



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