[Mailman-Users] Trouble with Mailman 2 and Postfix 3.1 - Fixed

Alan Ordway aordway at ihmc.us
Thu Oct 24 18:16:10 EDT 2019

Thought I would share this problem I ran into and the solution incase anyone else has it. Running Mailman 2.1.20 on Ubuntu 16 and a recent update to postfix stopped my lists. In my syslog I was seeing a message similar to:
Oct 24 16:43:59 mailman postfix/smtpd[18686]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from mailman.ihmc.us[184.182.233.xxx]: 451 4.3.0 <user at ihmc.us>: Temporary lookup failure; from=<podcast-bounces at mailman.ihmc.us> to=<user at ihmc.us> proto=ESMTP helo=<mailman.ihmc.us>
As it turns out Postfix 3 tightened up on relaying. In my postfix/main.cf I had both 
mynetworks_style = subnet
mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128
I finally found at <http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html <http://www.postfix.org/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html>> that if mynetworks is present then mynetworks_style is ignored. So I commented out mynetworks and changed mynetworks_style = host and now mail from lists is being delivered again.
Hope this helps someone else.
Alan M Ordway

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