[Mailman-Users] [ext] Messages delivered out of order and delayed

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Mon Sep 16 12:36:04 EDT 2019

Ralf Hildebrandt writes:

 > That's [do you mean 4 hours?] quite a lot. I know that postfx for
 > example would rescan the queue after 300s (5m) and probably retry
 > the message then (after an initial failure).

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if nowadays defaults are like that.  I
haven't changed mine ever (the series of Debian servers that have
hosted my domain have been continuously serving mail for almost 25

 > Maybe they "tweaked" something :)

I suspect that as soon as greylisting became common, they did.  On the
other hand, if they retry after 5 minutes, they'd get caught again by
every greylister I know (all 10 min or more).  So the question is how
much do they back off?

I guess if I worried about getting my mail delivered a few minutes
faster (which I don't :-), I would set the retry schedule every 5m or
10m up to a total of 30m, then back off sort of exponentially 4h, 8h,
16h, then 24h for a total of maybe 5 days.


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