[Mailman-Users] Do sender filters apply to subscription requests?

Gretchen M Beck cmupythia at cmu.edu
Tue Sep 17 15:24:38 EDT 2019

Hi Kevin,

No, the Sender Filters do not apply to subscription requests.

If you are having problem with spamming subscription requests, mailman (at least the mailman 2.1* and up) give you a few options to help:

   1) You can use your regexp in the banlist -- list of addresses that are banned from subscribing to your list. One address per line, and for a regexp, start the address with ^. (Under Privacy options, Subscription Rules)

   2) Do you need to advertise your list?  If not, taking the name off your sites public "here's my lists" page might help. Also under Privacy options, Subscription Rule)

   3) Finally, unless you need to be notified immediately when a message is held for moderation, or of subscription requests, on most sites you can opt to get a daily notification of all things held for the list owner/admin, rather than getting each as they are delivered (General options, admin_immed_notify). While this won't cut down on spammy stuff directly, it will cut down on the noise and annoyance factor.


Gretchen Beck

Carnegie Mellon

From: Mailman-Users <mailman-users-bounces+cmupythia=cmu.edu at python.org> on behalf of Kevin Bowen <kevin.t.bowen at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Do sender filters apply to subscription requests?

One of my instance's lists is apparently getting spammed with subscription
requests from addresses outside my org. In sender filters, for
reject_these_nonmembers I put ^(?!.*(example)\.com$) [actual domain
redacted], but the requests still get through to the moderation queue. Do
the sender filters apply only to posts, not to subscription requests? If
so, is there any way to automatically reject subscription requests based on
a regex?

Kevin Bowen
kevin.t.bowen at gmail.com <kevin at ucsd.edu>
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