[Mailman-Users] Topic Filtering

John Marsden john at johnmarsden.name
Wed Apr 1 11:00:13 EDT 2020

Hi All

I manage a Mailman 2 list which is used to discuss family history issues.

Some of the members wish to raise topics outside the regular brief and 
this is being tolerated during the coronavirus outbreak when many of our 
members, who are often elderly, wish to post messages which are more 
concerned with living in isolation than with family history. However, 
some members do not wish to see these or participate in the off-topic 
threads arising.

I decided to use 'Topics' to identify these messages and to ask members 
to identify off-topic messages by prefixing the subject with 'NON-GEN'.

I did not want to tag the on-topic messages as it would mean asking the 
majority of the list to adjust to the needs of the minority, so I added 
a topic to the list using the Regexp ^((?!NON-GEN).)*$ to identify the 
on-topic messages.

This enables any member who does NOT want messages with a subject tagged 
with 'NON-GEN'to subscribe to the Topic and so receive only messages in 
which this tag does NOT appear.

This works perfectly for those members who subscribe to receive 
individual messages, but those who subscribe to Digests still receive 
ALL messages in their digests, despite having selected the topic.

As far as I can see, this is a 'feature' of Mailman 2 and there appears 
to be no obvious way to supply digests of messages which are restricted 
to a selected topic.

Am I correct in this assumption? Is there a way to limit the digests to 
messages relating only to topics selected by the list member?

Any suggestions will be welcomed.


John Marsden
www.lancashirebmd.org.uk www.cumbriabmd.org.uk
www.1851-unfilmed.org.uk www.mlfhs.org.uk

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