[Mailman-Users] Server Migration

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 12 09:06:05 EST 2020

Hi Mark,

Those are the ones I have been reading. I guess what I need to do is a
little more complicated than I posted. The old server is running v 2.1
and we are running into DEMARC issues. Since we need to upgrade anyway
we have upgraded a new server to the latest RHEL version and mailman
3.3. Once we migrate the lists to the new server we just want the users
to message the same email addresses as before which is why I questioned
those instructions. Since we don't have access to change DNS it seems
the easiest thing to do is change their hostnames and IP addresses. If
there is a better way I am interested.

On 2/11/2020 3:51 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 2/11/20 11:42 AM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> I've been reading up on migrating to a new server but I'm not sure I am
>> reading the right instructions. It seems that copying the lists to the
>> new server is one thing but it appears that the end result means the
>> users will have to use a new list server. That is, if users were
>> emailing listname at oldserver.domain.com they will now have to email
>> listname at newserver.domain.com. That is not what I want. After migrating
>> to the new server I want users to still email
>> listname at oldserver.domain.com. I expect to simply rename the new server
>> to the old hostname and change its IP address. Can someone point me to
>> some documentation that does that type migration? TIA.
> This is dead simple.
> Have you seen <https://wiki.list.org/x/4030682>, in particular, the two
> archived posts linked from the first paragraph.
> In any case, there are details depending on things like whether you want
> to upgrade/change configurations, but I will assume that this is just a
> matter of replacing a server and not changing Mailman.
> In that case, you just rsync almost all of Mailman to the new server.
> What I did when I did this last December is:
>> rsync -a --exclude /locks /var/lib/mailman/ root at new.example.com:/var/lib/mailman
>> rsync -a --exclude *pid --exclude /locks /opt/mailman/mm/var/ root at new.example.com:/opt/mailman/mm/var
> Depending on your installation, you may have only one directory for
> $prefix and $var_prefix. You may also have stuff in /etc/mailman.
> You also have to copy Mailman's crontab and the relevant web server and
> mail server configuration.
> You need to set TTL a day or so in advance on your DNS records that
> point to the old IP to a very short time, 300 seconds maybe even less if
> you can.
> Then you stop the services on the old server, change DNS to point to the
> dew IP, do the final rsyncs, and start the services on the new server,
> and you're done.
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