[Mailman-Users] Server Migration

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 12 12:06:40 EST 2020

Hi Mark,

We finally got the networking folks to cooperate so DNS is the way we
will go. I don't know if it makes any difference but the version was a
typo, we are at 2.0.x.

Please see embedded comments.

On 2/12/2020 11:42 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 2/12/20 6:06 AM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> Those are the ones I have been reading. I guess what I need to do is a
>> little more complicated than I posted. The old server is running v 2.1
>> and we are running into DEMARC issues. Since we need to upgrade anyway
>> we have upgraded a new server to the latest RHEL version and mailman
>> 3.3. Once we migrate the lists to the new server we just want the users
>> to message the same email addresses as before which is why I questioned
>> those instructions. Since we don't have access to change DNS it seems
>> the easiest thing to do is change their hostnames and IP addresses. If
>> there is a better way I am interested.
> All the instructions/advice for moving lists are about moving from one
> Mailman 2.1 installation to another. Migrating lists from Mailman 2.1 to
> Mailman 3 is totally different. For that, you need a working Mailman 3
> installation. You migrate Mailman 2.1 lists roughly as follows:
> Create the Mailman 3 list with `mailman create`
No problem there.
> Import the Mailman 2.1 config.pck with `mailman import21`
Easy enough assuming I copy config.pck to the new server to run the command.
> Import the Mailman 2.1 archives/private/xxx.mbox/zzz.mbox mailbox with
> the Django Admin hyperkitty_import command.
I'm not familiar with that. I am guessing, similar to config.pck, I copy
that directory to the new server then run that command on that
directory. I'll have to install Django.
> I'm a bit confused about the rest of what you want to do. First, I don't
> know what your DMARC issues might be with your current lists, but if
> your Mailman 2.1 installation is relatively recent, there is essentially
> no difference in DMARC mitigations between that and Mailman 3.3.
> Then, your OP said you wanted users to be able to mail to the list at
> listname at oldserver.domain.com. If you don't control DNS, you apparently
> can't make the MX for oldserver.domain.com point to the new server, so
> the only way to accomplish this would be to maintain the old server and
> create aliases there (or change the existing Mailman aliases) to send
> all the mail to listname(-*)@oldserver.domain.com to the corresponding
> listname(-*)@newserver.domain.com address and also make
> listname at oldserver.domain.com an acceptable alias of
> thelistname at newserver.domain.com list.
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