[Mailman-Users] Server Migration

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 13 11:40:42 EST 2020

Hi Mark,

I'm stuck on the 2nd step.

I did:

mailman create rushtalk at csdco.com

Got no errors.

I'm on the new server, copied the pickle file from the old server to the
current directory and used the command:

mailman import21 rushtalk at csdco.com config.pck

I get: Error: No such list: rushtalk at csdco.com

Apparently I don't know what to use for the LISTSPEC. The specified
address is how we send messages to the list. I also tried the FQDN and
got the same error.

On 2/13/2020 11:14 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 2/13/20 3:17 AM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> I've been thrown into this so I am unfamiliar with these servers (not my
>> own that I usually deal with). Anyway, as I unravel things I'm working
>> with, I see that I am really running version 2.1.9. As I understand it,
>> the DMARC mitigation was not added until 2.1.18. So I think using
>> import21 should work, right?
> Yes, import21 will work with a 2.1.9 config.pck. And yes, there are no
> DMARC mitigations in that version.
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