[Mailman-Users] genalises - no aliases for one od the ists

Jutta Wrage jw at witch.westfalen.de
Fri Feb 14 22:07:54 EST 2020

Am 15.02.2020 um 00:19 schrieb Mark Sapiro:

> Did you restart Mailman? (although that shouldn't matter for genaliases)

I did. Same for exim.

> When you say you added POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS, does that mean you
> added POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS or does it mean you added
> 'host2.example.com' to the existing POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS.

I added entries with different combinations.

But now having access to the server again, I did remove it completely again.

I discovered the mailing list address of the list not showing up first may have the address of the default host. But the web page for it is on the virtual host.

Now I have 
all set to: mainhost.example.com

Looks like it is working now without genaliases with exim4.

Now I have to find out how to make changes after upgrading by command line. The web server not yet ready.

Thanks for you hints



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