[Mailman-Users] UTF-8 From and Reply-to addresses not getting properly processed.

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Sun Feb 16 14:09:48 EST 2020

One thing to note is that you seem to have two different filters at work 
here, one being non-member post, which you want to Discard, and messages 
with 'bad' words in the subject, which you define to Hold. A message 
which matches both filters will be acted by the first filter that the 
message hits.

I have found that on the list I run, which is on a shared server so I am 
limited to what I can control, the spam filters are checked BEFORE the 
non-member filter, so if I define a spam filter, it can cause me to see 
messages that would otherwise be discarded. This says that I don't want 
to be too aggressive with these filters, as they will create work for me.

If you can adjust the configuration of mailman, you may want to move the 
filter that discards non-member posts before your spam filters.

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