[Mailman-Users] Possible Backup Issue

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 26 11:18:26 EST 2020

On 2/26/2020 11:09 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 2/26/20 6:56 AM, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> I'm not sure why I am getting these errors but it seems to be associated
>> with backups. Is there a backup cronjob that didn't run, fail or is
>> something else wrong? The directories do exist but not the indicated pck
>> files. TIA
> I haven't looked at this in full detail, but is there more than one
> BounceRunner running processing the same slice. What does
> ps -fwwA|grep BounceRunner
> give? If there is more than one process showing
> "--runner=BounceRunner:0:1" see the article at
> <https://wiki.list.org/x/4030715> for advice on completely stopping
> Mailman and starting only one instance.

mailman   5129  5125  0 Feb24 ?        00:00:16 /usr/bin/python
/usr/lib/mailman/bin/qrunner --runner=BounceRunner:0:1 -s

I think that means there is only 1 process.

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