[Mailman-Users] MM3 startup issues

Allan Hansen hansen at rc.org
Sat Jan 4 20:47:45 EST 2020

After having MM3 installed, I’m trying to get it setup up correctly for my lists. I have a couple of issues at this point:

a. The server was set up with the wrong domain name (our fault), so I had to add the ‘correct’ one. I had seen the command ‘Add Domain’ in
the UI and thought that would do it, but Brian kindly sent me a list of additional instructions, which we then implemented. That made it possible to create a list in the new domain, subscribe people and post messages. However, messages are not archived. What extra step is needed to enable archiving? The instructions we received were these:

How to setup an additional domain to the Mailman 3 server:

	• Add the additional domain name to Django Sites and Mail domains via the Django admin panel. This will require superuser access.
	• Make sure the list admin(s) of any list is registered with Django.
	• Setup the new list domain in nginx (/etc/nginx/conf.d). You can copy and paste the existing record there to the new record. Just make sure you modify the server_name directive in the record to the new domain name. The record file name should be newdomainname.com.conf. This will need to be done via shell with sudo privileges.
	• Test nginx configuratin (nginx -t)
	• Reload nginx (nginx -s reload)
	• Generate LetsEncrypt Cert (certbot --nginx -d newdomainname.com) Before doing this make sure the appropriate DNS records are setup pointing the new list domain to your Mailman 3 server otherwise this part will fail.
	• Add the new list domain to /opt/mailman/mm/settings_local.py in the ALLOWED_HOSTS section.
	• Add list domain to Postorius.
	• Create the list in Postorius using the new list domain.

b. When go to the server using the new domain (both before and after logging in), I see not just the lists I created in the new domain, but the lists created in the old domain. These lists of lists are domain specific and should not be listed together. That’s just IMHO, but not serious, as I will soon get rid of anything in the old domain. So feel free to ignore this one if this is intended, which I could see might be the case.

c. I then moved on to the templates and added a template for the message text to send to new subscribers. That resulted in the following error message when I went in as moderator to approve of a new subscription:

Something went wrong
Mailman REST API not available. Please start Mailman core.

Oh, and Happy New Year to all,

Allan Hansen

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