[Mailman-Users] acceptable_aliases does not seem to work (or more likely I don't understand) V2.1.23

stinga stinga at wolf-rock.com
Thu Jan 30 22:29:03 EST 2020

G'day all,

I can't seem to get acceptable_aliases to work...

(domain names changed to protect the innocent, but all match up)

comm at lists.lf.me = List email address
info at lf.me = Google group (google group has one email address which is 
comm at lists.lf.me
info at lf.me is a member of the mailman list and is set for nomail

User another at domain.com sends email to info at lf.me

List receives email and bounces with:

     List:    comm at lists.lf.me
     From:    another at domain.com
     Subject: Testing
     Reason:  Post by non-member to a members-only list

The above is correct as user another at domain.com is not a member of the 
mailman list

In the email header there is
To: <info at lf.me>

I have in acceptable_aliases (tried various things)
info at lf.me
"info at lf.me"
.*info at lf.me.*

and require_explicit_destination is yes

I believe that should allow email sent to info at lf.me to be accepted by 
the list, maybe I am reading this all wrong?

If I am doing this wrong how do I get a google email to send to mailman 
and be accepted?
info at lf.me was a real email address and I converted to a group so that 
all on the list could see it rather than person having to deal with the 
(I could have just forwarded the email in google but I didn;t want to 
have to deal with the email account that would never be looked at.)


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