[Mailman-Users] Mailman on TMDHosting.com

Tim H timhfl at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 31 00:03:03 EST 2020

 I just moved a cluster of domains to TMDHosting.com
I had two Mailman mailing lists on the old service.  I made a gziped tarball of the entire account using the usual tool. Staff at TMD brought it over and in minutes all my files were in place. 
But. They do not have Mailman in cPanel. They do not have Mailman available in Softalicious.  This is a shared hosting type of account.  I don't have root access to the server. 
Their suggestion was to create an email address the same as the mailing list address, then use that to set up BCC to a group of contacts in Roundcube.  
So I tried to create mymailinglist at mydomain.com
I could not create the address. Instead I got an error message saying a mailing list with that address already exists.  
But the address does not show up in the list of email addresses in cPanel, so, I cannot delete it.
I didn't think about the Mailman mailing lists when I set up to do the transfer.  I took the time to save the member lists and some of the archives, but I should have gone ahead and deleted the lists. I did not suspect that the new service would not have Mailman.  Every web service provider I've been with in years and years has had Mailman. 
So - what now?  Anyone on TMDHosting?  Have you been where I just landed?

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