[Mailman-Users] multiple explicit reply addresses?

Christian F Buser luscheina at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 3 11:43:05 EST 2020

My work-around would then be:

Set up an address on my server, say specialrepy at mydomain.dom, which acts 
as a forwarder to the two addresses e1 at x.com and e1 at y.com


Mark Sapiro schrieb am 03.03.20 um 17:26:
> On 3/3/20 2:25 AM, Bernie Cosell wrote:
>> I don't want to break my lists, so I'll ask first..:o)    Does mailman do the right
>> thing if I want explicit replies to go to two addresses?   It seems very explicit that
>> the explicit reply address is singular.. would making it e1 at x.com, e2 at y.com
>> work?
> It won't work. The code uses email.utils.parseaddr() which accepts
> various display-name and address formats, but only one address.
> 'e1 at x.com, e2 at y.com' will result in only 'e1 at x.com' in the Reply-To:.

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