[Mailman3-dev] Suggestions for MMV3

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon Mar 15 00:12:45 EST 2004

we should consider contacting folks like CPanel who already incorporate
Mailman in their products and see what we can do to make it easier for
them, and what features they would like to see most in the next version.

If we plan MMv3 with a nod in this directions it could significantly cut
down on the frustration level of folks who use Mailman via a third-party

I've also had some comments from folks who really don't like the use of
<listname>-bounces as the sender of email lists in version 2.1.  If we
could rename this to something like <listname>-distribute it would help
folks who are using broken MTU's that display the envelope sender.

Also, we need to more fully automate the aliases creations for various
MTA's.  I would be happy to work on this for MMv3.  It should be easy
enough for folks to input their MTA into a variable in mm_cfg.py and
then to code the aliases creation based on that information. For some
MTA's this might mean modifying the exiting rights of aliases files...

The big feature that all folks will be looking for is the ability to
create same name lists on different virtual domains.

A web-based Stat's page per list (and one for whole domains) would also
be nice to see added as a built-in feature.

Built-in integration with HTDig would enable a lot of folks to stop
rolling their own RPM's or installing from source (just to get the HTDig

A link to the web-based FAQ, included with error dumps might also
alleviate some users pain for common Mailman problems

A web-based tool for editing/removing older archives for a list (a
pipermail request). A lot of folks would like the ability to remove
single messages from the arhives, as well as archived messages older
than a specified date. I can help with this, as I've already written
some stuff that does something similar (though I would have to re-do it
in Python :-)

Better message threading within the archives (Another Pipermail

Logging that displays the amount of system resources used by Mailman as
it is running.

I'm slammed with starting up a VoIP phone company in RTP, but I would
still like to help out with the MMv3 effort, so let me know what I can
do to bring value to this project.

Jon Carnes

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