[Mailman3-dev] Suggested feature: direct & enhanced "umbrella list" support

Mitchell Marks mitchell at cuip.net
Mon Mar 15 11:28:43 EST 2004

The MM2 handling of sublists/superlists is largely by subscribing a
sublist address as a member of the superlist, or by periodically running a
script to reconstitute the superlist by merging the addresses from the
sublists.  The specific support built into MM2 for these situations does
not seem to go much beyond the "umbrella list" attribute which affects how
reminders are handled.

I'd very much welcome some way of having that type of relationship more
inherently recognized.  Suppose I could designate that "Seniors",
"Juniors", and "Sophs" constituted "Students".  Then:

  -- someone getting subscribed to Seniors will start receiving mail sent
     to Students immediately (or as soon as they start receiving Seniors

  -- When a message goes through Students, recipients via the sublist will
get a Subject line tag like [Students] but not the whole stack
   OR make that configurable.
   (Note that it's not enough to say "leave the tag out of the settings
for Seniors", as it should appear when a message is going directly to that

  -- When a recipient of a Students message through the Seniors sublist
goes to reply (assuming list-reply rather than individual-poster-reply is
on), should that mean Seniors or Students?  Probably should be

  -- Suppose for some reason a student is on both Juniors and Seniors
lists.  A message that comes through Students should probably result in
only one copy going to that dual-subscribed person.  (I've seen the
contrary view.  Maybe that means it should be configurable -- maybe even
per-user configurable, with admin override.)

  -- If an individual is subscribed directly to the Students superlist,
the system should treat them as an individual and not as a sublist,l for
such matters as reminders and bounce handling.  (That's roughly like
saying the MM2 "umbrella list" attribute should be applied not to the
superlist but per-subscriber, marking whether the subscriber is a list or
an individual.)
  OR if that's conceptually messy, maybe achieve the same effect by having
a neutral or transparent sublist for that these individuals would belong
to, but which would not be a separate valid list address.

Thanks for considering these,

  == Mitch Marks

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