[Mailman3-dev] list manager control

Erez Zadok ezk at cs.sunysb.edu
Mon Mar 15 14:00:03 EST 2004

I'd like to see more features that'd allow admins more control over lists.
Some of these may be small features issues (and may be already in the latest

1. I maintain about 30 lists.  I'd like it to be possible for my browser to
   'remember' a cookie and my password so I don't have to type my admin
   passwd each time.

2. Is it possible to configure the frequency and date(s) when mailman sends
   out subscription notifications?  I also like to be able to click on
   button to send a notification to a single user that forgot their

3. I often carefully configure one list, then I want to clone it (I don't
   want to change the global defaults b/c I have several 'classes' of
   lists).  I have to first create the new list, then dump one old list's
   config, edit it by hand, then reconfigure the new list with the edited
   config.  I'd like a simple command that'd automate much of this for me:
   that is, a "cp-list" command that will clone a list fully, and just ask
   me a few questions like "full name for the list" and "do you want to
   migrate the subscribership and/or archives"?

4. I'd like an integrated (Web) interface for people to manage lists: create
   new lists (subject to someone's overall authority to approve it), and
   close+destroy lists permanently.


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