[Mailman3-dev] anti-spam related features

Erez Zadok ezk at cs.sunysb.edu
Mon Mar 15 14:05:24 EST 2004

The amount of spam is increasing in a scary way.  All of my lists are closed
to non-subscribers (is anyone in their right mind still uses open lists?
:-).  On occasion I still get some valid posting from a non-subscriber:
sometimes from a new person, and sometimes from an existing subscriber that
uses a different email address.  So I cannot just drop all posts by
non-subscribers b/c I don't want to miss those few good ones; OTOH, every
day I have to wade through many spams that are left for me to moderate, and
reject/discard each one.  Here's what I'd like to see:

- a one button to accept/reject/discard ALL pending messages.

- a way to automatically purge pending messages that haven't been accepted,
  rejected, or discarded after N days of waiting.  That way I don't have
  bother logging in and cleaning them up every day.

- another posting mode that uses an authentication challenge-response
  mechanism such as the confirmation process that's used during the
  subscription.  Most spammers use bogus addresses and never check them,
  which is why I personally find challenge-response personal anti-spam
  systems like ASK and TMDA very effective.  Using a challenge-response, I
  can essentially allow valid posters who are not subscribers to
  authenticate their pending posting and let it get posted to the list on
  their own; this saves me (the list owner) time.

- integration with Spamassassin and friends, so I can set a rule that says
  "discard every message with a score > 5.0".

- I want a way to reject and/or moderate all non-plaintext email (html,
  foreign languages, mime encoded, etc.) b/c that's far more likely to be
  spam.  And a bounce message to go with that to tell the person why their
  message got rejected.

- a way for valid subscribers to add aliases to their subscription.  That
  avoids the usual problem of rejecting/holding a posting from a valid
  subscriber who sent the post from a different email account.  I don't like
  the idea of adding a filter rule to allow all future posts for such a
  person, b/c that rule remains forever, while the original user could have
  already unsubscribed.


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