[Mailman3-dev] Close coupling of RSS generation?

Kevin McCann kmccann at bellanet.org
Mon Mar 15 20:38:26 EST 2004

Roy M. Silvernail wrote:

>>I keep hearing how RSS and similar syndication stuff is the future of
>>the web.  I'm sympathetic, and would like to understand better how we
>>can build a framework to make this possible (either out of the box or as
>>a more cleanly installed 3rd party package).
>It may be easier than you think if MM3 is going to use an active mail
>store db.  I'd imagine that HyperArchive would morph into report styles
>on top of the db, and RSS (and/or its bretheren) would then be just
>another report style.  I'll hang back a bit and get a better picture of
>how MM and HyperArchive interrelate before I go shooting my mouth off
>too much.

Yes. I provide RSS feeds from my Lyris-based yahoo-groups-like tool 
(Dgroups). Very easy, especially when you have quick and simple access 
to all of the main data. With simple SQL queries, I can provide RSS 
feeds such as

- latest public lists created  (URLs point to intro page for list)
- most popular lists (URLS point to intro page)
- latest message subjects for a particular list (URLs point to archive 
of list)
- newest members of a particular list (URLS point to profile info)
- you imagination is your limit

RSS is yet another example of how easy access to all of the main data, 
including message data, is a Good Thing.

- Kevin

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