[Mailman3-dev] Suggested Features

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Mar 15 21:57:07 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-15 at 18:52, Mark A. Mandel wrote:

> Maybe I don't belong on THIS list, because I'm not a developer.
> Pipermail is not part of Mailman? Ah.

Yes and no.  Pipermail was a separate project for its early life, then
it was fused into Mailman and now I think that's its only incarnation. 
On the whole, Pipermail was an excellent addition, providing very
important functionality.  But everyone agrees it needs work.  Designing
and implementing an archiver is A Project Unto Itself and I don't want
to hold up Mailman 3 waiting for an archiver rewrite.

> I'm not asking for a better archiver, as I understand it; just a change
> in the HTML template in which the archive levels are presented. Even if
> the monthly archive pages and the individual posts (such as
> .../pipermail/LISTNAME/2004-March/date.html and
> ...//pipermail/cyp-list/2004-March/000123.html) had links BACK TO THE
> MAIN ARCHIVE PAGE (.../pipermail/LISTNAME/) -- a single static link in
> the HTML templates -- it would be a real improvement.

That's a possibility.

> The posts and the monthly archive pages now have links saying
>   "More information about the LISTNAME mailing list"
>   "More info on this list... "
>  which both point to
>   ...mailman/listinfo.cgi/cyp-list
> If that can be generated, so can a link to .../pipermail/LISTNAME/ .
> So... where do I ask, if not here?

I'd ask around on mailman-developers, since this could be a Mailman 2.1


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