[Mailman3-dev] Suggested Features

Dale Newfield Dale at Newfield.org
Tue Mar 16 08:16:23 EST 2004

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> > * "Spot" moderation (i.e., the ability to [re-]moderate an individual
> > for "N" posts, or to permanently moderate him, at the moderator's
> > discretion). It is VERY IMPORTANT that moderation be persistent --
> > i.e., if someone figures out he's been permanently moderated, he
> > can't unsubscribe and resubscribe and thus go back to being moderated
> > for only "N" posts. (Upon unsub/resub, the implementation should set
> > his moderation for the higher of the default list moderation count
> > and his previous moderation setting.)
> This is an important point.  I'm wondering if Mailman 3 should ever
> totally "forget" about a user?

One distinction we don't have in MM2 but that I think we need in MM3 is
that between a subscriber and a subscription.  The point made here about
more than "not forgetting about a subscriber" (that involves preserving
user-level info, like password or the set of addresses they may send from)
but is about "not forgetting about a subscription" (that involves
preserving subscription-level info, like moderation count or delivery type
or delivery address (so people can say "for this list, send to
name+list at foo.bar)).  In a DB world this really just means that
subscriptions contain "start"  and "stop" dates, but not a uniqueness
constraint on user.  This allows subscriptions to be ended but not removed
from the DB.  It also allows for more after-the-fact auditing.

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