[Mailman3-dev] Re: Flexible data storage

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Mar 16 09:40:51 EST 2004

In private email, it was suggested that Mailman should treat internal
users different than external users.  I wanted to get my response into
the list archives and make it part of the discussion because I think
it's an important design point.


That's an interesting use case, although I think Mailman itself should
largely be ignorant of whether they are internal or external users.

The way I've been thinking about it ties back to the roster notion. 
Rosters may be tied via conduits to a back-end storage, and each storage
would have its own policies for reading and writing.

Take our Students list example.  You might have some grad students who
were also employees of the university, so they'd be in the employee
database.  Perhaps you couldn't write password updates to that database
through the Mailman conduit.  But the GradStudent list would be composed
of a non-employee roster (which Mailman managed completely) and an
employee roster (which Mailman imported through a conduit).


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