[Mailman3-dev] Re: Umbrella Lists --> CMS

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Mar 17 17:01:50 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 14:28, mtech at duane.com wrote:
> I agree that we need to come up with a new way of handling superlists
> and sublists and membership within them so that people only get
> one e-mail even if they're on multiple lists on the same server.
> I'd like to see a list of all lists a given message was delivered to 
> at the top of the message when a message is delivered to more than one list.

I was with you until the last sentence.  I'm not sure how you'd convey
that information, or whether you'd actually want people to know all the
other lists this message was delivered to.

> I'd like to see mailing lists run in a database such as MySQL or PostGres,
> and allow for additional fields for each user to be configured as needed.
> This would be useful so that profiles of users could be offered and
> additional contact information could be provided.

The way I'm thinking about is that there would be an interface for
asking about additional profile information about a recipient (probably
using the email address as a key).  That way, information about
addresses kept outside Mailman's databases could still be supplied to,
say the mail-merge facility.

> I see Mailman as growing towards being an extensible
> Content Management System, such that options like a photo gallery,
> web based polls, registration forms, file repository, etc. could
> be added--such that it offers more of the features that YahooGroups offers.

I'm very intrigued with developing something like a YahooGroups
lookalike.  OTOH, what I think we're working toward here is a flexible
library that could be used as part of a YG knockoff.  IOW, Mailman
wouldn't become a CMS, but it could be used with a CMS to provide all
those extra features.

> I don't know how much of this we want to work on for MM3, and how we'll
> go about handling authentication among the various components.

That's going to be the really tough part.


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