[Mailman3-dev] virtual host implementation

Dallas Bethune dallas at dreamhost.com
Thu Mar 18 18:57:56 EST 2004

I was wondering how much is currently known about the virtual host 
implementation in Mailman 3.  We use Mailman to provide discussion 
lists for several thousand virtually hosted domains (we're a webhost).

It has already been said that lists with the same name at different 
domains will be supported (yay!).  Are other details currently known?  
It would be ideal to have as much independent control over each 
'domain' as possible.  Each domain would have its own administrator in 
addition to the one main super administrator and that domain 
administrator would have access to set useful options that would affect 
all lists under the domain, etc.

Is there a list somewhere of features definitely on the todo list?


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