[Mailman3-dev] virtual host implementation

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Mar 29 12:16:57 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 18:57, Dallas Bethune wrote:
> I was wondering how much is currently known about the virtual host 
> implementation in Mailman 3.  We use Mailman to provide discussion 
> lists for several thousand virtually hosted domains (we're a webhost).
> It has already been said that lists with the same name at different 
> domains will be supported (yay!).  Are other details currently known?  
> It would be ideal to have as much independent control over each 
> 'domain' as possible.  Each domain would have its own administrator in 
> addition to the one main super administrator and that domain 
> administrator would have access to set useful options that would affect 
> all lists under the domain, etc.

Permissions will be based on a simplified role architecture.  There will
be (at least) the following roles:

- site admin
- vdomain admin
- list admin
- list moderator
- registered user
- stranger

With all but the last, you'll log into the system and you'll just get
your assigned roles, so you'll be able to perform any tasks allowed to
that role.  At pycon we sketched out an approach for delegating control
of configuration variables up and down the hierarchy (e.g. a site admin
can delegate the ability to change footers to the vdomain admin, who
might /not/ allow her list admins to change their footers).


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