[Mailman3-dev] Problem with the schema

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Thu Mar 31 13:21:53 CEST 2005

--On March 31, 2005 02:05:36 -0800 J C Lawrence <claw at kanga.nu> wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 10:40:46 +0100
> Ian Eiloart <iane at sussex.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Alternatively, viewed from the perspective of a subscriber, rosters
>> are internal nodes and lists are leaf nodes. This isn't really a tree
>> - it's a net.
> It becomes more complex when/if you want to support the concept of a
> user having an account with the system,

Yes, I do want to do that. In fact I want two types of account: local and 
non-local. A local account is one that is already defined on my LDAP (or 
whatever) servers - they're students and staff on my campus. A non-local 
account type would be closer to what Mailman has right now - it could use 
any non-local mail addresses.

The distinction is important for several reasons:

    1. I know who local people are, and I can take action against them if 
they misuse lists. Therefore, I can allow them greater permissions. My 
instinct would be to allow local accounts to post to ANY of my lists, at 
least by default. I'd want to be able to revoke that for some lists, and 
for some individuals.

    2. Local users shouldn't have to go through the same sign-up process. I 
already know their email address, and their authentication credentials. I 
might want to have them agree to some terms and conditions before making 
their first post, though.

    3. A site should be able to define which are local addresses (a list of 
regular expressions), and decide whether Local accounts can register 
non-local addresses.

An additional complication: here a person may have one account with several 
mail aliases (I'm iane AND i.eiloart, for example). But they may also have 
several accounts. Management of people with several accounts may be beyond 
the scope of Mailman 3 - but it may be that there are design decisions 
(name spaces, for example) that could be influenced by the need to allow 
for this in the future.

And, when it comes to addresses... We manage many mail domains here. Some 
are synonymous (susx.ac.uk and sussex.ac.uk, for example), and others 
aren't. Mailman should permit me to define synonymous local mail domains so 
that when iane at susx.ac.uk is allowed to post to a list, then 
iane at sussex.ac.uk is too.

> to which are registered some
> number of email addresses, various connections from both the account and
> individual addresses to rosters and lists, with various arbitrary mail
> policies attached to each address as well as the account to control/hint
> mail flow (eg "For rosters Q, R and S, only send messages shorter than
> NNN to this address").  Yeah, Mailman doesn't want to head there today,
> but that's where MLMs are heading, and fast.

Ian Eiloart
Servers Team
Sussex University ITS

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