[Matplotlib-devel] [Wheel-builders] Manylinux external library test case - matplotlib, tk

Olivier Grisel olivier.grisel at ensta.org
Mon Apr 25 15:42:27 EDT 2016

2016-04-25 21:19 GMT+02:00 Benjamin Root <ben.v.root at gmail.com>:
> What would be better is if we can get rid of the compilation requirement,
> but from Michael's comments in the past, it seems that this isn't possible
> at the moment. The problem is that the compiled portion provides the image
> buffer access, which seems to not be available at the python level. Perhaps
> it might make sense to pursue submitting our code to the Tk/Tcl project so
> that we might be able to drop this step at some point?

Wouldn't it be possible to rewrite this part using ctypes instead?

Olivier Grisel

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