[Matplotlib-devel] Matplotlib minutes 2016-01-04

Nathaniel Smith njs at pobox.com
Mon Jan 4 16:18:08 EST 2016

On Jan 4, 2016 1:13 PM, "Michael Droettboom" <mdroettboom at continuum.io>
> In attendance: Thomas Caswell, Michael Droettboom, Eric Firing, Jens
> - 1.5.1rc1 is out. (yay)  We missed a lot of Python 3 bugs that crept
into the examples because we (a) don't build the docs on Py3 and (b) many
examples don't run in docs build.  Running backend_driver.py before
releases may help, as would running examples as smoke tests as part of
regular test suite (though dependencies for everything on Travis may be

Only somewhat related, but it might be time to consider switching to python
3 as the place where you build the docs, even.

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