[Matplotlib-devel] PyData Chicago Sprint Volunteers

Safia Abdalla safia at safia.rocks
Mon Jan 18 16:02:34 EST 2016


I'm a developer on Project Jupyter and the organizer of the PyData Chicago.

I'm currently working on organizing monthly open-source sprints for the
Chicago chapter of PyData. The sprints will occur on the third Tuesday
evening of each month. Each sprint will consist of 5 divisions, each
focused on a NumFOCUS-sponsored project. Each of the divisions will be
mentored by an individual with particular expertise in that project.
Mentors prepare a particular set of issues to guide the team through,
provide guidance on open source contribution and TDD, and tell funny jokes
to keep people from going insane at the hands of bad bugs.

I was wondering if there were any matplotlib contributors in Chicago on
this list would be interested in being a mentor for the matplotib division.
The commitment will involve attending the sprints every other month and
selecting issues prior to each sprint that you will guide division
participants through.

If anyone is interested, feel free to send me an email at safia -at- safia
-dot- rocks. Feel free to send emails with any questions as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you folks!

@captainsafia on Twitter and GitHub
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