[Matplotlib-devel] Matplotlib meeting minutes 2016-01-25

Michael Droettboom mdroettboom at continuum.io
Mon Jan 25 16:59:10 EST 2016

In attendance: Michael Droettboom, Thomas Caswell, Jens Nielsen and Erik

- Jan Schulz (working on AppVeyor integration and all things Windowsy and
annoying) have been offered some help by the Anaconda team at Continuum to
make building Windows conda packages easier and using conda in the AppVeyor
environment easier.  Windows integration testing is a major pain point, so
this is all very welcome.

- We are all in favor of creating a matplotlib-nogui package for Anaconda.
The existing matplotlib package would become a metapackage that would bring
in Qt and Tkinter.  It's an open question as to how far the Anaconda
distribution wants to go with using matplotlib-nogui instead (Jupyter could
reasonably be changed to depend only on matplotlib-nogui, for example).

- The style omnibus PR is essentially feature complete -- Mike will
investigate and fix test failures

- The overriding of defaults by `%matplotlib inline` mode in Jupyter
notebook remains a major source of user bugs.  Not sure how to resolve,

Michael Droettboom
Continuum Analytics
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