[Matplotlib-devel] legend defaults for 2.0

Maciek Dems macdems at gmail.com
Wed May 18 03:40:48 EDT 2016


How difficult it would be to add an option to replace a legend with
labels directly next to the plot with some intelligent automatic


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Temat: [Matplotlib-devel] legend defaults for 2.0
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For anyone interested in default settings for 2.0, please see 
https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib/pull/6424.  We have a brief 
window of opportunity to settle on the new defaults.  The legend 
defaults have not yet been reviewed in detail.

As with all of the default settings, the question is not "what looks 
good on my fancy plot for publication X", but what will make a good 
*default*.  This means it should work well in a wide variety of 
situations; it should be "good enough" in many cases, and "terrible" in
few.  Relatively simple and common cases are weighted more highly than 
complex cases for which customization is inevitable anyway.  The goal
to convey information effectively and in a visually pleasing manner.

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